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November 11, 2010
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Project, or is it? o.o' by Starwolf-ftw Project, or is it? o.o' by Starwolf-ftw
Yea, I know this isn't a really good drawing or one I spent so much time on, but I like the story that came from this one, so I'm posting it. Plus I got a good laugh from it. :P.

In my Computers Applications and Processes, my professor was handing out our assignment for our final project over Microsoft Excel. As soon as she started talking about it, Brand got bored and started to doodle. Since I sit in the front row, it's kinda hard to miss when a 6'4" individual is not paying attention to you while you are giving instructions. She took my paper up and put it up on the video projection so the whole class could see what I was so disrespectfully doing while she was lecturing.

I expected to hear quite a few laughs, but somehow I didn't. Instead I heard complements more then anything, including my favorite "That's f***ing bad ass" from the third row behind me. Was really cool to hear that and some other opinions from people who don't really know me or what I do. I was happy that no negativity would show through either. :phew:

My professor did give me my paper back, I have to have my instructions to do my project anyways. She did apologize for trying to make me look like a fool, but she did warn me about doodling in class. Said I was good, but best do it out of the classroom. :P

I've been trying to get this idea out of my head the past few weeks, and it's finally showing up in the most random of times. Changes of style, proportion, motion, detail. Trying out a lot, and I feel closer to what I really want to get, just got to get that full product out sometime, and I hope I'm happy with where it leads me. :)
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MartyBeaver Oct 18, 2012
Well it does look awesome... draw it in excel using those box-things as pixels !!!
Worthog117 Apr 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
YFW (Your face when) you got the positive comments

Prof got powned.
you r so borad...many time to draw in paper...:XD:
Yes, much too time for this class. It's just basic computing. :P Thanks.
kaze-fox Nov 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im learning excel as well as the rest of ms office. i will comment on your teachers behanvior though. first of all what she did was a grade school tactic and handling it as if you were a child. yea in a way what you were doing could be disrespectful but this is college and professors are not to behave as such either. she disrupted the class way more than you could have doing what she did. even though this is my first year, in my experience, the professor would respectful wait until break or after class to ask if something is wrong or if your interested. in the end only if you are disrupting others should there be a problem and if that is the case, here only response would be to ask you to leave.

on the picture however, i will say that i didnt know your sketches come out that rouch. it doesnt seem like the do when you do the digital coloring.
Yea, I'm kinda thankful she did react that way because the whole situation backfired on her completely, which I'm completely ok with. ;) I know what I was doing was wrong, but it never occurred to me that she would actually take it up. lol

And yea, most of my sketches, both traditional and digital always are that messy. I have a hard time getting rid of smudges when sketching my traditional work though :( It's a pain to take more time just erasing and cleaning an image up, but in the end, I'm normally happy with it. :)
kaze-fox Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah i hate cleening up but i hate it most digitally. im now tring to vectorize lines with the pen tool
Gotta love the pen tool, but on SAI we have the line and curve tool. From what I've tried with both programs, it's much easier to do it in SAI then in ps, but that's just my opinion.
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